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Campaign for a Better Tomorrow


39 Fair Street, Unit 2

New Bedford, Massachusetts 02740

4 MAR 2008

All Sponsors, Donors, and Supporters

To whom this matter will concern:

The Campaign for a Better Tomorrow (CBT) is a Small Not-for-Profit Organization focused on helping those in need. Currently we are attempting to organize a co-operative effort between CBT and Remote Area Medical ( as featured on 60 Minutes), RAM is an organization that usually provides emergency medical, dental, and vision aide to countries that are less fortunate, however right here in the US, many are Uninsured, Under-Insured, or just plain cannot afford the Premiums/Co-Payments. RAM is holding FREE MEDICAL/DENTAL/VISION TREATMENT, 100% Free of Charge to all whom may need it. We here at CBT are going to devise and execute a plan by the name of “OPERATION: HEALTH CARE WAGON” the plan is to convoy Motor Coach Busses with residents from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, these residents may be anyone who meets the criteria of Uninsured, Under-Insured, or otherwise unable to get the help they need. RAM is holding these clinics FREE OF CHARGE, RAM will establish an EXCLUSIVE CLINIC FOR ANYONE REGISTERED with OPERATION: HEALTH CARE WAGON..

Until the inception of “OPERATION: HEALTH CARE WAGON,” The Campaign for a Better Tomorrow has been a Private NPO. Currently CBT has absolutely NO SPONSORS, DONORS, OR SUPPORTERS for this project. We are in need of Volunteers, Motor Coaches, Drivers, Food,and Financing. We are seeking any and all help that can be offered by any organization.

As we are all aware currently the United States is heading for Recession, Unemployment is on the Rise, and America needs Health Care. Many New Englanders are experiencing the effects of an economy in recession, and nothing is getting cheaper. During the winter many people have to make the harshest of decisions, balancing their families between Food, Shelter, Heat, Electricity, and the Holidays, anyone who has had to compromise anything from that list knows that hardship knows no boundary. An even more alarming compromise is Health Care, everyday Americans make the decision to not be treated, because of obligations to their families. That alarming fact is plaguing every person who doesn't have the money. We need to do something, and until the government reforms, we as responsible people need to devise ways to improvise until America catches upto the 21st Century and forces Health Care Reform.

Please, if you can help, even just your time please contact us via email at or goto

We Thank You in Advance for Your Sponsorship, Donation, or Volunteering, and Thank you for helping America.


Jim M. Lackovich, Jr.


Campaign for a Better Tomorrow